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StreamLink Software helps nonprofit and public sector institutions better serve their communities by maximizing the value of every dollar. Our grant and board management products, AmpliFund and BoardMax, systematize complex tasks, helping organizations increase efficiency, ensure compliance, and secure additional revenue.

Grant Management

Our grant management software can help you at every stage of the grant lifecycle—from pre-award to post-award reporting.

Board Management

Improve fundraising, governance, community relations, and engagement with our secure web-based board portal.

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Effectively manage the entire grant lifecycle to drive revenue, build capacity and maintain compliance. 


AmpliFund Public Sector is a centralized system for governments to manage grants, funds & projects.


BoardMax provides a centralized hub for all board-related information and activities, and tools that help mitigate board member risk.

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Manage the research, planning and submission stages of the grant cycle, helping streamline the application process.

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