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Comprehensive Board Management Software

BoardMax Helps Nonprofit and Public Sector Organizations:
  • Manage Board Materials, Organizational Information, Meetings and Activities
  • Track and Measure Board Member Engagement
  • Ensure Compliance, Drive Good Governance, Mitigate Risk

BoardMax provides a centralized environment for all board-related information. That means meeting materials and information, organizational documentation, task assignments, and member records are logically organized and available 24/7 to board, committee, and staff members.

BoardMax has built-in tools that help ensure your organization is compliant with IRS requirements, accreditation bodies, fiscal audits, and board expectations.


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Look Inside BoardMax

How BoardMax Helps With Document and Information Management

All board-related documents from board books to bylaws are stored securely in a cloud-based central repository, not passed around back and forth or stored on one person’s laptop. As a result, key information will be safe and available even if there are disruptions caused by anything from floods to changes in staffing.

Because of built-in securities, members can only access the documents they’re allowed to view.

Meeting agendas and packets are created and perfectly organized in minutes. Documents produced in different programs are uniformly converted so members don’t have to open and switch between multiple software programs to read their meeting materials.

The Benefit of Digital Board Materials

  • Easier to assemble, organize and update information and meeting packets
  • Can be accessed any time as long as the member has internet access
  • Sensitive information is kept secure with role based access control
  • Far less expensive than printing off board books and shipping them to members
  • Offers an environmentally-friendly way to share information

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How BoardMax Helps With Meeting Management

A central, organizational calendar helps make meeting planning easier, and built-in functionality automatically sends meeting reminders and helps keep track of member attendance.

BoardMax automates the process by which action items get assigned, tracked, and managed.

The built-in voting module captures the motions presented, and records the voting and poll results which are then viewable to applicable members.

Board and committee members can quickly access logically-organized board books, meeting documents, minutes and more, no matter where the meeting participants are located. It also creates an archive of past meeting information and materials for reference and compliance purposes.

How BoardMax Helps With Member Management

BoardMax makes it easy to access the most current roster of board and committee members and key member data such as contact information, biographical content, special skills, and more.

Automatic tracking and reporting of time, expectations, and financial contributions members make to the organization helps ensure complete member engagement.

Create a “bullpen” of potential board members, complete with pertinent information about them so you can act quickly when a position opens on the board.

BoardMax helps eliminate missed deadlines and keeps board, committee and staff members on track through regular email digests that provide basic information about their meeting schedule, links to meeting materials, and a list of their assigned tasks.

How BoardMax Helps Ensure Compliance

BoardMax offers a dashboard view that provides real-time snapshots of how your board’s performance and engagement is impacting the organization. BoardMax helps organizations comply with IRS regulations by managing 990s, conflict of interest policies and procedures, and independent director requirements. It also establishes good governance processes which lead to greater public trust.

How BoardMax Stays Secure

Stay secure! Whether you are on a desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet, you can be sure that all materials are safe. We use HOSTING, a leading provider of enterprise-class cloud hosting and recovery services who maintain six SOC (formerly SAS-70) audited data centers located in the U.S.

The BoardMax Hosting Platform is an isolated network within the HOSTING Cloud Enterprise Platform. Access to web applications is restricted by a cloud firewall through which no unauthorized traffic can enter, and all databases are backed up frequently each day.