Upgrade your grant management configuration

Advanced Data Management

AmpliFund provides a comprehensive set of data management features standard for everyone. Our advanced data management options provide greater configurability to your solution.


Take advantage of solution capabilities available out-of-the-box.
Extend one or more platform segments to add configurability to your solution.


Store grant-related information using predefined data collection forms. Create new data collection forms and extend existing forms to capture all areas of the grant process.


Centralize the storage of grant documents and files with secure and unlimited capacity. Create documents such as award letters and grant agreements using organizational templates merged with AmpliFund data. 


Use structured import templates to bring external data into AmpliFund. Leverage our API and data mart for real-time data transfer between internal business systems and AmpliFund.


Access pre-configured industry standard reports. Create relevant, meaningful cross-object reports using data elements throughout AmpliFund. 


Manage role-based security across a single-level organizational structure. Design multi-departmental organizational structures with complete data rollup and visibility. 


 View and interact with predefined dashboards.  Create and publish custom dashboards tailored for maximum impact.


Utilize standard workflows to complete common grant management tasks.  Configure advanced workflows to support required internal business processes.

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Maximum impact

Maximum impact

Funders, recipients, sub-recipients, and everyone in-between have the opportunity to gain efficiencies by using a grant management platform configured to handle every process, data set, and report they need.

Data configured

Data configured

Better understand the impact of your funding by tracking and visualizing all the data elements that you need.

Scaling made simple

Scaling made simple

Growth and change are a natural part of the grant lifecycle – AmpliFund makes it easier for your organization to adopt those changes to your grant management system.

No coding required

No coding required

Tailoring AmpliFund for your organization can be done simply by configuring our platform to meet your needs—all without custom development or coding.

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