AmpliFund Updates Competitive Award Management Module

We are pleased to introduce an improved version of our Competitive Award Management Module. Originally released in November 2014, the module lets grantors manage the competitive bid process for funding initiatives in a single, intuitive hub.

Below, we overview four major product updates—each designed for more streamlined processes and better user experiences.

1. Application Form Builder Redesign

The form builder in Competitive Award Management allows organizations to create applications for funding opportunities. Newly released updates provide a cleaner interface and improved user experience. Users now have the ability to:

  • Edit form fields and sections in-line.
  • Easily select field types via a more intuitive user-interface.
  • Allow character limits and character counting to control how much information an applicant can submit per question.
  • Toggle between applicant and reviewer fields (if applicable).
  • Set reviewer scorecard visibility—i.e. whether those reviewing the applications can only view comments they’ve left on the application or those of all reviewers.
  • Customize the default scoring scale set at the form level on a per-question basis.
  • Define scoring categories at the opportunity level for quick inclusion across multiple forms. This lets you sum performance scores in specific categories for a snapshot breakdown of applicant strengths.

Application Form Builder Redesign

2. Applicant Portal Redesign

The applicant portal is the online hub where organizations publish applications publically for grantees to apply. Historically, it was branded with the AmpliFund logo and color scheme, causing a disconnect between the grantor’s website and the application hub.

Now, organizations can custom brand their portals to match the look and feel of their websites. In addition, applicants can easily see where they are in the process and mark certain sections as complete.

Applicant Portal Redesign

3. Easier Workflow Configuration

Workflow definitions within Competitive Award Management define the organization’s internal review processes, including how applications get routed and scored. Workflow definition is managed within the Administration section of AmpliFund.

With this update, workflow permissions are now managed within opportunities. This allows the organization to assign reviewers and define permissions specific to each opportunity while reusing global workflow definitions.

4. Scoring and Reviewer Screen Redesign

The scoring and reviewer screen provides users with information to help rank applicants during the application review process.

With this round of updates, reviewers are now able to view a summary page of all applications for an opportunity—complete with forms, budgets, performance plans and attachments—letting them quickly compare responses.

Reviewers can also comment on budget and performance plans, and see others’ reviews (if this feature is enabled).

Scoring and Reviewer Screen Redesign

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