Budget Management Enhancements Now Available in AmpliFund [Product Update]

Starting today, users of our grant management software, AmpliFund, will begin to see significant upgrades to their budget management experience. These upgrades are the first of several releases geared toward improving overall financial management functionality.

Here is a quick look at what our current and future AmpliFund users can expect to see.


Interactive Budget View Layouts

We’ve given the budget screens a little facelift. The most noticeable enhancement is the way in which you view budgets. Now, a traditional ledger layout has been applied to the interface to bring continuity and familiarity to the way you analyze your grant dollars.

This new layout also brings some added perks:

  • Dynamically add column options to your view to see as much or as little detail as you need.
  • Determine how you want to view your budget – by category, project or recipient – easily toggling between each.
  • Quickly see your budget line item subtotal and total amount.
  • Review Revenue and Expense budgets with a simple scroll.



New Budget Category & Line Item Configurations

Along with the enhanced budget interface comes a better way to configure both categories and line items in AmpliFund. A modal window appears quickly, offering the ability to change general settings, update financials, assign benefits, set caps and attach files, all without leaving the budget screen. 

Lastly, budget management now allows for administrators to lock categories and line items from being edited. Only those with the proper super powers will have access to make and save changes.



Introducing Spending Alerts

Gone are the days of finding out that you’ve overspent after you’ve overspent! Set spending alerts to receive immediate notifications when budget category and line item spending thresholds are met over the course of a tracking period and life of a grant. Multiple types of alerts can be set by both dollar amount and percentage to help keep your funds under control.



Flexible Indirect Cost Rate & Matching Features

Managing indirect cost rates can sometimes make your eyes cross. With this latest update to AmpliFund, we’ve incorporated several features that should help keep you seeing straight.

  • Automatically apply indirect cost rate to both expense and budget line items. These can be customized by periods, allowing for different indirect cost rates to be applied over the life of a grant.
  • Set caps on indirect costs. Using a fixed dollar amount or percentage of total awarded amount to ensure that you don’t exceed indirect costs on your grants.
  • Standardized categories can be applied to limit line items added to your budget. We’ve provided the default Federal categories to quickly add as approved options, while also allowing for custom categories to be created on a grant-by-grant basis.

Matching functionality has also been reworked. Starting today, users will experience greater flexibility while establishing their match settings. Cash match and in-kind match on both personnel and non personnel line items, now include settings that allow for distinct match tracking inside of AmpliFund.



Augmented Benefits Tracking

Compensation is made up of more than a person’s salary and manifests itself in several areas of the grant management process. AmpliFund offers the flexibility to meet the complex tracking requirements of each grant in your portfolio.

  • Compensation. Assign benefits to a staff salary range for a complete picture of total compensation. As you create personnel line items, benefits will automatically populate.
  • Benefit types. Update and add new benefit types for use against staff compensation and budget line items. We’ve added a third line item type to allow for budgeting benefits as lump sum values.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more in the coming months!

Need help get a hold of your grant budgets? Learn more about the budget management features found in AmpliFund.