[Case Study] How County of Kauaʻi, HI Increased Efficiency with Digital Grant Management

files-1633406_1920.jpgNo two organizations have the same grant management needs. Yet, every grants team can benefit from storing data in a centralized, digital hub for enhanced communication and efficiency.

Just ask the County of Kauaʻi, Hawaii.

In an effort to join the paperless movement sweeping the nation, the county needed a grant management solution to alleviate common challenges associated with its current system.

AmpliFund delivered the cloud-based portal the county needed to centralize documents online, more readily research and apply for grants, and manage sub-recipient activities—all while minimizing paper waste.

Read on to see how Kauaʻi transformed its grant management using a web-based solution, and download the full case study for more on the positive effects of AmpliFund.

Pre-Implementation: Paper-Intensive Grant Management

Before AmpliFund, Kauaʻi relied on its accounting system to manage grant awards. With limited functionalities and capabilities, the county had nowhere to capture grant-related information, which made it difficult to track awards, budget modifications and no-cost extensions.

The county also struggled with common grant management frustrations, including:

  • Inability to find applicable grants.
  • Poor document management.
  • Disorganized grant processes.
  • Limited user accessibility.

Searching for a system that would streamline grant processes on a web-based solution, Ann Wooton, grants program manager for County of KauaʻI discovered AmpliFund.

“Most systems I looked at didn’t have sub-recipient grantmaking developed,” said Wooton. “That was one of the things we needed [in order] to do our paperless initiative.”

Once the decision to implement AmpliFund was made, Wooton began to map out the transition.

Post-Implementation: Cloud-Based, Streamlined Grant Management

Since implementing AmpliFund, Kauaʻi is able to manage grants with ease. In fact, the county is now able to track approximately 220 grants within one central system.

Yet, as with any tech transition, the switch to a digital grant management solution did require active change management and team buy-in.

Working hand-in-hand with the AmpliFund customer success team, the county has input two-years worth of award data in the portal. And thanks to speedy adoption internally, the county already has more than 50 AmpliFund users within its portal, including grant staff, department accountants and project managers, and partner nonprofits.

"If you are going to get a system like this, you need to be prepared to learn new things and not be afraid of the technology,” said Wooton.

Moving forward, Kauaʻi has a multi-year plan in place to completely rollout AmpliFund to further streamline grant processes and its paperless mission.

For more information on how County of Kauaʻi decreased paper usage tied to its grant processes with AmpliFund, download the full case study.

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Image Source: Pixabay