Enhanced Time & Effort Certification Functionalities [Product Update]

We are excited to announce new and improved Time & Effort functionalities to our grant management software.

The Time & Effort Certification updates improve time tracking capabilities, enhance views of funded staff, and provide greater administrative flexibility and reporting capabilities.

Here’s a glimpse of what users can expect:


Staff members can view all the grants that they can track time against on one consolidated screen. Included is a column that shows the planned hours by grant, so staff members know how much they are supposed to work for each grant. This benchmark gives them greater perspective into how much time is expected, so that they can ensure actual time entered aligns appropriately.

Timesheets are created as needed each month, and staff members can enter time in either hours or percentages (depending on the way the grant agreement is structured). They can also add notes and attachments, as needed. Timesheets are segmented by “active” and “complete” within AmpliFund for a clean, intuitive interface.x


These interface updates reduce time spent entering and sorting through timesheets, allowing staff members to focus on what really matters—finishing grant activities.


Timesheet-approvals.pngFor supervisors, the data that they interact with has been simplified in two main ways.

First, timesheets are segmented into “active” and “completed” folders, like they are for the staff members. This makes it apparent within the AmpliFund interface which timesheets require action.

Secondly, staff members now create timesheets when entering time for that month (versus all timesheets for a particular grant being created automatically at the onset). This streamlines the supervisor’s view, so that they don’t have to sift through dozens of future timesheets to find those that are active, saving time and valuable resources.

Organizational Administrators

To maintain compliance, an individual with direct knowledge of the grant work completed must certify staff timesheets before they are passed to federal funders.

Historically, AmpliFund only provided certification capabilities to supervisors. Today, users can set different chains of command for timesheet approvals—including adding other individuals as certifiers—to better meet their internal workflows.


In addition, administrators can see an in-depth and consolidated view of how grants are funding staff members. Staff pages show planned funding allocation by person. As a result, organizational administrators can now easily pinpoint specific staff members who are over- or under-funded based on salary requirements, and proactively adjust grant allocations to maximize drawdown.


How will you use new Time & Effort functionality? Share with us in the comments below. If interested in learning more, schedule a free demo today!