How Louisiana Tech University Simplified Grant Management Processes with AmpliFund

For many, grant administration requires the tedious coordination of emails, documents and spreadsheets. With information stored in different formats and scattered across multiple files, it’s difficult for administrators to view grant program progress and performance. Just ask Louisiana Tech University.

With about $23 million in research expenditures in FY 2016 and more than 200 active grants, the university sought a transparent and accessible grant management solution that centralized expenditure and project information.

AmpliFund delivered on this promise by providing Louisiana Tech University with easier access to view grant activity and expenses. Since the initial rollout, the university has closed out about 150 grants in the system and on-boarded 80 users.


Before AmpliFund, Louisiana Tech University had been managing each grant in a separate spreadsheet. With disjointed processes for individual awards, it made it difficult for administrators to manage grant expenditures and oversee grant projects across campus. In addition, other university departments lacked critical information on the status and available budget of their respective grant programs.

“Only one person could see [grant] information at a time,” said Courtney Jarrell, CPA, research contracts administrator for the Office of Sponsored Projects at Louisiana Tech University. “And if anyone, like the principal investigator or an administrative person, needed that information, they had to contact the accountant every time. And then it’s just a screenshot of what’s going on right then.”

Searching for a solution with real-time reporting functionalities to monitor financial expenditures, activities and performance, the university came across AmpliFund.


Since implementing AmpliFund, the strain of managing hundreds of individual spreadsheets has been put to rest. Faculty, deans, department heads and administrative assistants rely on real-time data housed in AmpliFund to drive program decision-making.

“They can see all the grants they are responsible for,” said Jarrell. “For example, the dean of engineering can see all the grants that are applicable to engineering, and sort by principal investigator or funding agency. That gives them information that they did not previously have.” 

On top of that, university stakeholders receive timely reports to manage expenditures and track progress. “We use the grant budget variance really frequently—probably daily in our office,” said Jarrell. Access to this report helps administrators identify the amount of funds still available at any given moment.

Saved time, improved accessibility to data and better reporting are just a few benefits experienced by Louisiana Tech University.

For more information on how Louisiana Tech University simplified grant management processes with AmpliFund, download the full case study.

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