Improved Grant Reporting and Dashboards [Product Update]

Your grant portfolio’s health constantly evolves over the lifecycle of your awards, requiring continual progress and performance monitoring. However, this can be time-consuming for executives and grant managers. We believe that there is a better way to keep tabs on your grants—that’s why we’re launching two new product updates to help you stay current on awards in a fraction of the time.

Our reports now feature interactive data visualizations that allow for selecting, filtering and exporting underlying data, while our new grant dashboards provide users with a comprehensive, real-time view of their grant portfolios and display all grant-related open items in a convenient user-interface for quick action.

Report Data Visualizations

Table- and text-based reports aren’t the most effective way to analyze grant data. That’s why we’ve added interactive data visualizations to our product for efficient, impactful reporting. Compare data between multiple records, filter information as needed, and drill down into the details. Custom reports can be created to meet customer needs and deployed within AmpliFund.


Not only are reports more meaningful, they also run faster. An improved reporting engine transforms your vast amount of grant data into interpretable visualizations in seconds.

Dashboards Monitor Grant Health and Highlight Action Items

Historically, there wasn’t a clear way to identify at-risk grants within AmpliFund. Information was spread across the platform. To view a grant portfolio’s health, users had to log into each grant record or run individual reports. Likewise, users had to go to separate budget and performance plan pages to view grant progress.

With dashboards, grant data is now consolidated to showcase overall status, health and progress of your grant portfolio in an easily digestible format.

Dashboard Interface

This helps pinpoint at-risk grants or awards within the portfolio without having to monitor each individual grant or award one at a time. If a grant is identified as at-risk, users can now immediately drill down into budgets, performance plans and sub-awards to identify the specific reasons why.

Dashboard Drilldown

Our dashboards also provide a quick way to view open tasks and other items that need review or action related to your grants and awards.

Grant Dashboard and Tasks

View any grant-related task, achievement or budget line item for which you are responsible, or look at all open action items across the team.

This ensures that everybody is on-task and aware of their responsibilities, while giving department administrators and grant managers insight into their team’s progress on assigned grant tasks, goals or budgets, and changes made since they last logged in.

How could you benefit from using our updated reporting and dashboard feature? Schedule a demo today to see it in action, or contact your customer success representative for more information!