Improved Interactivity Between Grant Funders and Recipients [Product Update]

This week, we released updates to our grant management software, AmpliFund, to improve visibility and communication between grant funders and recipients.

Here’s what users can expect to see:

Ability to Add, Review and Log Amendments

Amendments allow grant recipients and funding organizations to negotiate changes to an award amount, duration, budget category or program goal. Within AmpliFund, recipients can now propose amendments by submitting the change desired, justification for the request and associated documentation.


Funders can then review the proposed amendment, and approve, deny or request more information.


All interactions between funder and recipient are tracked and logged within the system. Recipients receive a notification if the request has been granted, or can log in to their portals to view amendment status at anytime.


If amendments are approved, changes are automatically rolled out to the appropriate grant record in AmpliFund for ongoing management.

Working with a funder that does not use AmpliFund? No problem! You can document grant amendments within AmpliFund once approved for accurate recordkeeping.

Shared Grant Visibility

Funders have better visibility into the awards they’ve distributed. Funders can now see key information for all grants awarded within their own AmpliFund accounts.

New Permissions and Line Item Configurations

For budget and performance plans, funders can designate field ownership, indicating whether information will be populated by them or the recipient. They can also lock line items, restricting recipients from editing them.


Funders can also preconfigure how fields will appear. For instance, they can restrict budget categories to only those approved, or designate preferred goal types.


The result? Greater funder control of how grant details are shared with recipients.

Interested in better funder-recipient communication? Learn more about AmpliFund.