Alleviate common grant management challenges

Streamline processes process

Streamline grant management processes

With the introduction of new federal regulations, strategic grant management is more important than ever. A focus on programmatic performance increases the need to better link financial expenditures to activities and tie grant funding to results. Data throughout the entire grants lifecycle must be accurate and goals met.

The grant management lifecycle is made up of multiple, interconnected stages (i.e. research, planning, activity management, performance, reporting) that require diligent monitoring, analyzing and tracking of data. If managed manually or with disparate systems, the grant process can be stressful, time-consuming and prone to error.

Common frustrations frustrations

Eliminate grant management frustrations

Have you experienced these common grant management frustrations?

  • Inability to find grants applicable to your nonprofit, city, county or state. 
  • Time-intensive post-award report generation or missed requirement deadlines.
  • Difficulty tying grant activities to performance metrics. 
  • Failed or unclean audits. 
  • Siloed communication due to disorganized grant processes. 
  • Inability to fully draw down promised funds. 

No matter your role, our grant solutions are here to help. AmpliFund organizes data in a centralized hub, automates report creation and streamlines workflows.

Grant coordinator coordinator

Grant coordinator

Coordinators are the glue that holds grant management together. From creating detailed grant proposals to ensuring post-award compliance, effective collaboration between internal teams and accurate data are critical to a job well done.

With grant management software, grant coordinators can automate responsibilities, such as grant research, application deadline reminders, proposal tracking and post-award report generation. This results in better pre-award planning, organization and preparation, and streamlined post-award administration.

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Program manager program

Program manager

It’s your job to ensure grant reporting requirements are met. For post-award compliance, monitor financial expenditures, activities and performance throughout the entire grant lifecycle. Automate internal reports to ensure your organization is on track to meet requirements, and house all grant-related data in a centralized hub. Never worry about missing important information or deadlines again. 

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Executive executive


We found that organizations lose 5% of awarded funds because they do not effectively draw down in their allotted timeframe. Grant management software can assure you receive the full award amount—every time—while reducing administration.

Automate tasks, such as fund and project tracking, deadline reminders, and budget and performance reports, and then reallocate resources to more strategic initiatives.

Finally, future-proof your organization to meet new federal reporting requirements by housing information as machine-readable data and in standardized formats.

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DATA Act data

The DATA Act

As federal requirements continue to evolve, so will the job of grant managers. The DATA Act was signed into law May 2014 to solve one troubling reality: no single individual or entity in the U.S. government is responsible for the reporting of federal spending.

Its passing placed the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Treasury in charge of standardizing data requirements for federal award reporting. Doing so allows federal spending data to be aggregated, reconciled and published.

Standardized, machine-readable data will create greater fiscal accountability and transparency at the national level. For grantees, it will also enable compliance automation via technology, and pave the way for performance-based grant distribution.

AmpliFund is designed to help grantees meet these compliance standards and requirements–both now and in the future. StreamLink Software CEO, Adam Roth, is one of nine selected to sit on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) DATA Act pilot program board.

Uniform Grant Guidance uniform

Uniform Grant Guidance

OMB released updated Uniform Grant Guidance (UGG) on Dec. 26, 2014. This new set of regulations for federal awards encourages agencies to collect, transmit and store federal award-related information in open and machine-readable formats. New requirements also hold grantees more accountable for performance and results.

Grantees will need to prepare for machine-readable data by standardizing internal systems and data, establishing performance management systems and clearly demonstrating programmatic performance. Centralized grant management processes and software automation can help accomplish these goals.