Increase ROI, decrease grant management time and costs

Boost efficiency with grant management software

To ensure organizational and budget goals are met, and resources maximized, a system must be in place to streamline grant management and reporting.

As a nonprofit or public sector executive, you may have experienced:

  • Difficulty overseeing budget activities, sub-recipients and grant vendors.
  • Lack of visibility into your organization’s grant performance and spend.
  • Processes that pull time and money away from goal-oriented activities.
  • Difficulty complying with new federal reporting requirements.
  • Inability to fully drawdown funds in the allotted timeframe.

Grant management software can alleviate these problems.

With AmpliFund, better align grant activity with goals, automate grant tracking and reporting for full transparency into spend, and cut admin time to delegate more resources to mission-centric responsibilities.

Decreased expenses expenses

Decrease grant management expenses 

Assure you’re getting the most out of grant funding. Automate tasks, such as grant research, deadline reminders, performance and financial reporting, and more to minimize time and money spent on administration.

Grant software can also help your organization maximize drawdown, so you always receive the full award amount.

Increased funds funds

Increase funds with past performance data 

As grant distribution becomes more performance-based, organizations that can demonstrate historical success will have a greater likelihood of winning future funds.

Grant management software makes it easy to leverage past performance data for inclusion in proposals—giving you a leg up from your competition. You can also create internal reports to track activities undertaken, deliverable timelines and expenses for current grants to ensure they are always trending to meet goals and milestones.

Maximum compliance compliance

Ensure maximum compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance and drive good governance with enhanced visibility into your organization’s performance data and financial expenditures. Our grant management software is designed to comply with new federal reporting requirements.

Automate machine-readable data to create detailed and accurate reports throughout your entire grant lifecycle.