Enhance pre-award activities, boost post-award success


Maximize grant research, planning and activity management 

Diligent research, detailed planning and comprehensive activity management is necessary to win grant funds and prepare for post-award reporting. Without proper coordination, grant deadlines and goals will not be met.

As a grant coordinator, have you experienced these common frustrations: 

  • Difficulty finding the right grants for your organization.
  • Miscommunication on tasks, responsibilities or reporting requirements.
  • Unnecessary time spent managing the grant submission process.
  • Accuracy of budgeting requirements.
  • Problems meeting post-award requirements, such as missed deadlines, communication silos or disorganized information.

Grant management software may be the answer to your challenges. See how AmpliFund can streamline pre-award activities to set the stage for enhanced post-award performance reporting.

Research & planning research-plan

Gain advanced research and planning capabilities 

Finding a grant that appropriately aligns with your nonprofit or public sector’s needs can be time-consuming. Forgo endless hours sifting through various funding options with advanced research capabilities, such as saved searches and automatic notifications when a grant matches parameters.

Streamlined communications communications

Streamline internal and external communications 

Coordinate and monitor activities for every aspect of a grant management between your development and grant offices, and those responsible for grant implementation. AmpliFund does not limit the number of users you can add into the system.

Store all documents and data in a centralized hub so critical information can be accessed with ease. Create clear task workflows so all team members are informed of responsibilities.

In addition, easily collaborate with funders. Create and share budget and performance plans, request contract amendments as needed, and automate grant reporting.

Grant submission grant-submission

Simplify grant submission

Eliminate the need to track and manage grant applications from multiple locations. With AmpliFund, store submission information in a secure, centralized location, and provide automated deadline reminders to each individual associated with the grant.

Post-award oversight enhanced-oversight

Gain enhanced oversight to maximize post-award compliance 

Guarantee grants are spent appropriately with enhanced visibility into fund allocation.

Centralize performance data and financial expenditures, so that information is easily accessible for post-award reporting. With enhanced oversight, easily ensure post-award requirements and deadlines are met. Automate report creation with machine-readable data to assure information is accurate and always up-to-date.