Automate grant tracking and reporting to ensure compliance 


Simplify grant management with automation

Program managers oversee many aspects of grant management from tracking goals, indicators and milestones to ensuring deadlines are met.

Grant management software is designed to comply with new federal reporting requirements. To ensure post-award reports are accurate, effectively track grant activities, performance and financial expenditures throughout the entire grant lifecycle.

As a grants program manager, have you experienced:

  • Difficulty preparing grant proposals?
  • Misplaced information or siloed communication among departments?
  • Lack of visibility into grant spend and performance?
  • Missed deadlines from lack of communication, organization or oversight?
  • Trouble overseeing budget, program activities, sub-recipients or vendors?

Rid these setbacks with grant management software.

Improved reporting tracking-reporting

Increase grant tracking and reporting capabilities  

Strategic and diligent tracking of proposals, awards and other grant-related information makes it easier to report on status and performance. With grant management software, easily link performance data and financial expenditures to ensure grants are on track with budget, spend and performance goals. 

Mitigated risk mitigate-risk

Maintain compliance and mitigate risk 

Maintain compliance by centralizing critical data in a single location. Store all expenses, funding and performance data within your grant management software to enable 24/7 access to information.

Effectively meet new federal reporting requirements by housing information as machine-readable data in standardized formats. This lets you automate report creation and reduces administrative time.

Keep your team up-to-date by providing them with automated deadline and calendar reminders, and access to information across multiple devices.