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Pricing For Everyone

Organizations today need a tool that can get everyone onboard into a single centralized system at a cost that fits the budget. Find out how AmpliFund makes that possible.

How we price howWePrice

A Different Approach Than Most

Unlike many SaaS providers that quickly turn to user-based pricing models, we look at your grant revenue, implementation timeline, and functional needs in order to keep pricing simple and predictable. By taking a different approach, our aim is three-fold.

Involve the entire organization

The ongoing cost of using a platform shouldn't get in the way of its purpose—to make you more effective and efficient in delivering your mission. AmpliFund includes unlimited users so that every individual or department of individuals with a role to play in the grant management process gains access to the system.

Avoid surprise costs

Organizational needs are constantly changing—user access and permissions, forms and applications, dashboards and reports, and other customizations made to meet those needs at the beginning of a contract will need to be maintained at additional costs over the life of a software contract. AmpliFund helps avoid unplanned and unnecessary budget adjustments by offering easily configurable tools with ongoing upgrades made available to all customers.

Maximize usage

When your goal for a new solution is to get all parties—including internal and external users, reviewers, and approvers—using one system for any and all grant management needs, putting limitations on how often users can access your system seems counter-intuitive. Our customers get the most out of AmpliFund because the amount of time spent using it is never a budgetary concern.

Why we're different whyWereDifferent

Our Platform Is Our Platform

What does purpose-built really mean?

Unlike heavily customized alternatives found in the form of a CRM, BPM, or ERP software platform that extends capabilities originally designed for other functional areas, AmpliFund is a purpose-built platform designed specifically for solving grant management challenges. Avoid the extraneous costs associated with customization setup and maintenance, and reap the benefits of getting started with something out-of-the-box in a quicker timeframe.

Simplicity in singularity

Being a purpose-built software platform, we believe that everything you need should be easy to understand and readily available within a single solution. Separate technologies will never be stitched together to fill gaps in functionality—everything that you need will be found directly within AmpliFund.

What's included whatIsIncluded

Same Principles Apply To Our Pricing

Everything that you need to know about the price of your solution, and all that comes with it, is provided up-front with no hidden costs manifesting months later.

Implementation Upgrades Maintenance, Support, and Hosting
Hosting & Support
A rollout plan that is properly scoped before moving forward. Functional and technical improvements are included. Help, maintenance, and uptime come with the territory.
Regulatory Compliance Total Cost of Ownership return-on-investment
Total Cost of
Return On
A platform that adheres to legislative guidelines by design. A predictable investment in budgetary alignment. Leverage investment to drive maximum results.

A Quote Just For You

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