Effective grant management for all sectors

Solutions for government entities, nonprofits and educational institutions

Cost principles, administrative requirements and audit requirements vary based on entity type (i.e. NGOs, government, education).

That said, AmpliFund complies with all federal grant standards, as published by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), across sectors. Built with flexibility and functionality in mind, it can easily be adapted to coincide with differing internal processes and external reporting requirements, making it a winning solution for all.

Federal government federal

Federal government

Federal agencies can implement grant management software to enhance oversight of the entire grants lifecycle—from pre-award fund distribution to post-award reporting. Ensure recipients are on track with goals, budgets and milestones in a single portal.

Specific benefits include:

  • Simplify the competitive bidding process.
  • Track recipient performance and budgets through automated reports.
  • Store all critical data in a secure, centralized location.
  • Easily integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial and accounting, and HR/payroll systems.

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State and local government government

State and local government

AmpliFund can help city, county or state governments better manage the grant process to achieve improved efficiencies, organization and reporting.

Specific benefits include:

  • Manage complex project budgets and performance, even when funded by multiple grants.
  • Reduce administration time associated with large grants, freeing resources for revenue-generating activities.
  • Better organize and manage individuals involved in the grant process.
  • Meet specific and non-negotiable budgeting and reporting requirements from federal agencies.

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Nonprofits nonprofits


Nonprofits of all sizes can use our grant management software to build capacity, streamline processes, maintain compliance and drive revenue.

Specific benefits include:

  • Centralized pre- and post-award communications and reporting.
  • Decreased administrative time associated with grant management.
  • Better management of responsibilities and tasks using automated reminders, calendars and built-in workflows.
  • Effective re-distribution of funds internally from the development office.
  • Enhanced visibility of sub-recipient funds and activities.
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Educational institutions education

Educational institutions

Our grant management solutions are flexible enough to meet university, community college and K-12 school district administration and reporting requirements.

Specific benefits include:

  • Centralized grant administration and reporting in one universal hub.
  • Consortia grant budget and performance tracking across sub-recipients.
  • Adherence to research grants requirements for human subjects, animals, conflict of interest and more.
  • Staff time entry on a weekly or monthly basis to document work completed by grant-funded employees.
  • Effective management of the re-distribution of funds internally from the foundation/development office.
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