Drive efficiency with education grant management 

Education Grant Management

Centralized Education Grant Management

Get all parties, processes, and documents involved in managing education grants in one secure centralized hub. Automation and reporting will save time and ensure maximum drawdown of funds.

Revenue & capacity revenue

Boost revenue and capacity   

Grants provide much-needed capital to fund investments in technology, classroom materials and research. But, revenue building shouldn’t stop there. Strategic, accurate and time-efficient grant management processes can further boost your educational institution’s revenue and capacity.

Whether you're a community college looking for a solution to manage multiple grant-sponsored programs, a university facing complex post-award reporting, or a K-12 school district seeking to centralize your grants, we have a solution for you.

So how can organizations better manage grants while still remaining compliant?

Grant administration centralization

Centralize grant administration   

For many, grant administration requires the tedious coordination of emails, documents and spreadsheets. Yet, when information is stored in different formats and scattered across various files, it is challenging to view grant programs’ progress.

With grant management software, you can manage multiple grants in a single location. This keeps stakeholders informed, eases data collection, and lets you oversee your entire grant portfolio. Centralized goals, activity performance and financial data also simplify compliance, as reports can be automated.

Consortia grant tracking consortia

Track consortia grant budget and performance    

Grant management software lets you manage sub-recipients, centralize communication and file storage, and automate performance reporting to ensure funds are appropriately spent, compliance is achieved and audits are clean.

Assign financial and programmatic performance goals to sub-recipients, collaborate on budget and performance plans, add and approve amendments, and monitor progress against benchmarks.

Fund redistribution re-distributed-funds

Better manage re-distributed funds

Effectively managing re-distributed funds from multiple departments can be time-consuming and tedious, especially when tracking grants in multiple locations. AmpliFund has built in monitoring capabilities to help your educational institution properly oversee re-distributed funds internally from the foundation/development office.

If your organization needs more robust tracking, rely on our Fund Module to track funding sources, and performance and budgets at the fund and distribution levels.

Time & effort tracking time-effort

Effectively track time and effort

Easily compile after-the-fact documentation of work completed by tracking grant-funded employee time right with our Time and Effort Certification Module. Staff can enter time on a weekly or monthly basis for review and approval by supervisors.