Simplify federal government grant management


Full Federal Government Grant Lifecycle Management

Gather applicant and grant reporting information in machine-readable data to reduce administrative time, better identify waste, fraud and abuse, and enhance spending and performance transparency.
Fund distribution distribution

Effectively distribute funds

Simplify the competitive bidding process. Create fund distributions, review proposals, evaluate applicants via automated scoring, and notify award recipients.

Form builders and online interfaces standardize data collection, reducing administrative time and allowing for easy report creation.

Recipient management recipient

Better manage recipients 

As an awarding agency, one of your most critical roles is to effectively oversee recipients. With grant management software, gain enhanced oversight of performance and budget activities, review and approve contract amendments, and actively track goals, milestones and deliverables.

Automate report submission and creation to ensure grants are always on track and compliant with new federal regulations.

Tech integration tech

Integrate with other techs 

AmpliFund is an open platform that integrates with enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial and accounting, and HR/payroll systems.

Eliminate the need to manually enter data by using APIs and file imports instead. A centralized hub maximizes efficiences and data accuracy.