Standardize nonprofit grant management 

Nonprofit Grant Management

End-to-End Grant Management Software for Nonprofits

Find, apply, and manage opportunities of all types for your nonprofit, managing tasks and deadlines in one place. Quickly turn pre-award budgets and performance plans into post-award grant management.

Ensure compliance compliance

Ensure compliance through centralization    

Compliance requires diligent data monitoring, analysis and tracking. Fortunately, grant management software centralizes all performance and financial data into one hub—helping you meet deadlines and reporting requirements.

Stop battling spreadsheet overkill. Store critical data, such as goals, activities undertaken, financial expenditures and performance in one central location. This ensures funds are accurately spent and tracked throughout the grant lifecycle. 

Increased transparency transparency

Increase transparency to maximize funds   

Funding is the lifeblood that helps nonprofits thrive and carry out their missions. Yet, grants can be difficult to obtain due to high competition and a recovering economy. Ensure your nonprofit stands out among other grant applicants with enhanced transparency into grant performance data.

With grant management software, gather detailed performance data on funds awarded to both report back to investors and ensure compliance with grant standards. 

Reduced time & costs time-costs

Cut grant management time and costs    

Simplify management of the grants lifecycle (i.e. research, planning, activity management, performance, reporting) to save time and valuable resources.

From grant research to report creation, manual grant management tasks pull staff away from more strategic, mission-centric activities. Do more with less by automating data collection, deadline reminders, review and approval processes, reports and more using grant management software.