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Comprehensive Grant Management for State & Local Governments

Whether you work for a city, county or state government, AmpliFund provides complete visibility into grant performance, activities and financial expenditures, so you can better align funding with goals and compliance requirements. From fund distribution to post-award reporting, manage the whole grant ecosystem within a centralized hub.


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Ensure regulatory compliance ensureRegulatoryCompliance

Ensure regulatory compliance through advanced reporting  

With stricter grant reporting requirements derived from the DATA Act, OMB Uniform Grant Guidance and Treasury “Do Not Pay” Initiative comes the need for data-driven grant management.

In a StreamLink Software report, we discovered that 71% of respondents who receive federal funding expressed new regulations are creating more work for their organizations. And 81% of organizations whose primary revenue source is government grants agree that changes are increasing their workloads.'

So how can organizations better manage grants while still remaining compliant?
Learn more about AmpliFund reporting.
Budget management budgets

Manage complex budgets and performance   

To increase accountability, agencies and grantees will be required to better demonstrate performance. With grant management software, manage all project budgets and performance in a centralized location, even when funded by multiple grants. Easily interlink grants, grant goals and budget items across projects, and streamline communication between funder and grant recipient.

Reduced time & costs administrative

Reduce administrative time and costs   

Free resources for revenue-generating activities by eliminating manual data entry and cumbersome management processes. Automate financial and performance reporting, review and approval processes, and calendar and deadline reminders.

Store all grant documents and data in a centralized hub to streamline internal and external communication, and establish and manage clear task workflows.

Automated reports report

Automate report creation

With recent changes in federal reporting requirements comes the increased need for transparency and accountability into spend and performance.

Grant management software allows you to automate financial and programmatic reporting. Receive real-time snapshots of program effectiveness and internal status reports, so when it comes to submit reports to federal agencies, there are no surprises.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) DATA Act pilot program is evaluating the effectiveness of DATA Act test models to achieve automated reporting across all federal grants. Due to AmpliFund success in this area, StreamLink Software CEO, Adam Roth, is one of nine board members to offer feedback on pilot effectiveness.