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AmpliFund enables organizations that distribute and receive grant funding to manage every stage of the grant lifecycle. Streamline, automate, and simplify the management of grant dollars from application through to performance reporting.

Complete Transparency, End-to-End

Complete Transparency, End-to-End

AmpliFund captures all components of the grant process and integrates with your existing ERP, financial, and HR systems, making it the perfect platform for your grant system of record. 
Fully Configurable

Fully Configurable

AmpliFund can be tailored to fit your organization's needs and is flexible enough to manage any type of grant. Whether you have hundreds of recipients or specific organizational processes, AmpliFund can be configured easily and without any technical knowledge. 

Bring Everyone Together

Bring Everyone Together

AmpliFund provides complete transparency for your organization, mitigating risk and eliminating information silos. Users can be assigned responsibilities to improve accountability and avoid duplication of effort. 

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Publish & Collect Applications Online

Publish & Collect Applications Online

Create funding opportunities for award applicants to view and apply to on our easy-to-use web portal. Control and configure every detail on the opportunity, including applicant eligibility, visibility, budget and performance templates, and custom application forms.

Automate Your Structured Review Process

Automate Your Structured Review Process

Simplify your existing complex business processes with customizable workflows. Track application status as your reviewers score applications against configurable competitive criteria.  

Manage Awards Through Closeout

Manage Awards Through Closeout

Communicate and manage clear performance and budget expectations to recipients. Streamline periodic reporting and data collection with true award visibility. 

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Advanced Segments
Seamlessly Turn Proposals Into Action

Seamlessly Turn Proposals Into Action

Define project requirements, including budget and performance objectives. Configure automated proposal data collection and review processes.

Progress • People • Payments

Progress • People • Payments

Create programmatic goals and grant budget line items, integrate with your financial system, and let AmpliFund track your progress and spend-down. Anticipate and address issues before they occur with our built-in, configurable risk monitoring. Assign reporting to individuals at the grantor, grantee, and sub-recipient level to ensure accountability.

Expedited Reporting & Closeout

Expedited Reporting & Closeout

Generate reports on all aspects of grant deliverables and your overall award portfolio. Leverage data collected throughout the grant lifecycle to submit final financial and programmatic reports to your funder. 

AmpliFund has allowed us to manage both incoming and outgoing grant awards. The web-based platform provides us with the ability to store records for each of our grants so that they can easily be accessed by various team members in different web browsers. I have received several positive comments from our sub-recipients as to the ease of using the application process in the AmpliFund system.
Ann Wooton
Grants Program Manager, County of Kaua'i
Fine-Tune Your Findings

Fine-Tune Your Findings

Leverage our robust research tool to find Federal, State, local, and private grants opportunities. Save your search criteria and receive updates when new opportunities are added to the database that match your search. 

Be Kept On Track

Be Kept On Track

Streamline your team's processes and procedures to collaborate seamlessly to grow grant revenue. Utilize our helpful reminders so that you never miss a proposal deadline or task due date. 

See What’s Working Best

See What’s Working Best

Analyze your grant portfolio's performance with our interactive dashboards and reports. Leverage your data to mitigate risk, improve efficiency, and increase success. 

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Lifecycle lifecycle

AmpliFund Lifecycle

Lifecycle is the most comprehensive end-to-end grant management solution for organizations both receiving and distributing grant dollars. It includes all features from both Grantor and Grantee

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Grantor grantor

AmpliFund Grantor

With Grantor, grant funders can manage the entire award process — from identifying funds and creating grant opportunities to evaluating applications, creating awards, and managing award recipients and programmatic progress.


Fund Mangement Fund Management

Create funds by identifying fund income sources and tracking committed funding and income. Track fund dollars that are available, obligated, and disbursed to awards.

Opportunity Creation Opportunity Creation

Define every facet of your grant opportunity, including program, goals, eligibility requirements, and timelines, and publish to a public applicant portal. Build and design custom forms for applicants and define review and scoring parameters, processes, and workflows.

Application Intake Application Intake

Capture and validate applications for your opportunity. Easily capture applicant information for collaboration via the public web portal throughout the process.

Application Evaluation Application Evaluation

Assign internal and external reviewers to applications using configurable review workflows. Define scoring parameters and monitor reviewers' progress. For full transparency throughout the process, quickly view reviewers' notes and compare total average scores for applications.

Award Creation Award Creation

Create awards from opportunities or sub-awards from a grant, selecting the recipient and finalizing awarded amount, budget, program performance, and reporting requirements. Automatically notify recipients and provide access to reporting portal accounts. Document final contract and grant agreements.


Payment Management Payment Management

Review and authorize recipient payment requests or initiate reimbursements. Track payment receipts and monitor fund balances throughout the award life.

Recipient Management Recipient Management

Manage all recipient contacts in a centralized location. Assign recipient budget and performance plan, and view how a sub-award's budget may impact your grant's budget. Monitor recipient budget and progress.

Award Administration Award Administration

Track recipient progress and budget with periodic reporting. Communicate with recipients at any time. Review and approve award amendment requests.

Award Closeout Award Closeout

Collect final award reports, distribute final payments and reconcile funds. Close out the grant agreement with the recipient, and perform any additional closeout processes with a configurable workflow.

Grantee grantee

AmpliFund Grantee

With Grantee, grant recipients can manage their entire grant process, including finding and planning for grant opportunities, tracking program performance and budget, and reporting progress to the funder.


Opportunity Research Opportunity Research

Find new funding opportunities from multiple data sources. Save your criteria for future searches and be notified of new opportunities that match your criteria. Save, review, and approve potential opportunities with a configurable workflow.

Planning Planning

Plan your grants program goals and proposed program budget. Review and approve grant applications at multiple stages, and set reminders and alerts for key submission dates. Store applications, supporting documents, and funder communication and documents.

Submission Tracking Submission Tracking

Manage an entire portfolio of open funding opportunities. Track submission status and report on solicitation success rates.


Award Management Award Management

Negotiate your award contract with your funder and amend submission budget and performance plan as necessary. Store all final executed contracts in one centralized location.

Grants Administration Grants Administration

Generate and submit grant amendments. Assign tasks, goals, and budget responsibilities to your staff. Track and certify your staff's time and effort. Close grant reporting periods and submit reports to your funder. Utilize industry standard grant forms, tools, and reporting templates. Stay current with real-time grant news, webinars, and industry-recognized publications.

Performance Management Performance Management

Oversee grant and program performance over time. Establish goals and assign tasks to users. Compare actual achievements against established goals.

Budget Management Budget Management

Create and manage post-award grant budgets. Utilize data from external systems through integrations with financial applications and ERPs. Maintain oversight of grant financial elements—track direct costs, allocate matching dollars, configure indirect cost rate, and monitor indirect costs.

Payment Management Payment Management

Create and submit payment requests to your funder. Document and validate payment receipt and report on cash flow and grant balances.

Projects Projects

Create a project funded by multiple grants or use one grant to fund multiple projects. Monitor and report on project goals, progress, budget, and expenses.

Grant Closeout Grant Closeout

Create and submit final reports and payment requests to the funder. Reconcile all grant and matching funds. Complete your organization's grant closeout processes with configurable workflow.

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