Extra grant management control and flexibility 


Added sophistication for your grant management solution  

With enhanced simplicity and increased functionality in mind, AmpliFund is designed to cater to all grant management needs. Our comprehensive add-on modules address specific areas of the grant management process and can be added to compliment any AmpliFund Full Cycle account. Pick and choose those that you need for a completely customized grant management solution.

Research Module researchModule

Research Module  

The Research module is a grant research tool available directly within AmpliFund. Organizations utilizing the Research module gain access to a vast selection of federal, state, corporate, and foundation funding opportunities. Advanced search features allow users to filter for specific grants and grantors, while allowing users to save criteria that delivers them only the best new funding opportunities inside of AmpliFund and their email inbox when new opportunities become available. Here’s what to expect:

  • Fast access to research functionality without needing to sign on with separate logins.
  • Fully integrated and seamless experience within AmpliFund.
  • Searches that only produce relevant funding opportunities – no articles, resources, or offsite links.
  • Up-to-date funding opportunities.
Project Module project

Project Module   

Track performance and budgets for both grants and projects. With our Project Module, interlink multiple grants, grant goals and budget items across organization projects. Data for the related grant goals and budgets automatically flow into overall project performance and budget activity.

  • Fund a project with one or more grants.
  • Segment a grant into multiple projects.
  • Plan and track both project performance and budgets.
Fund Module fund

Fund Module    

Easily track and manage cash coming in and out of your organization’s funds, and gain detailed insight into how money is allocated and performance achieved.

  • Create fund distributions consisting of one or more grants to internal and external recipients.
  • Track cash receipts from multiple funding sources.
  • Plan and track performance and budgets at the fund and distribution levels.
Competitive Award Management Module competitive-award

Competitive Award Management Module

Better manage the competitive bidding process for all funding initiatives. Enable a standardized data collection and review process, in which applicants can easily be evaluated relative to one another with our Competitive Award Management Module.

  • Collect applications through an easy-to-use form builder and online public interface.
  • Enable structured review and approval processes, and automate tasks and notifications with a customizable workflow engine.
  • Evaluate award submissions with applicant scoring capabilities.
  • Create an auditable trail of the entire grant ecosystem—from application and award to implementation and reporting.
  • Select and notify award recipients, and create the fund distribution with just a few clicks.


Time & Effort Certification Module time-effort

Time & Effort Certification Module

Enhance the basic time tracking capabilities found in AmpliFund with our Time & Effort Certification Module. Easily record and map tracked time to appropriate grants—even if time is split across multiple grant-funded projects.

  • Provide after-the-fact documentation of work completed by grant-funded staff.
  • Enable staff to enter time on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Allow supervisors to review and approve employee timesheets.
Sub-Recipient Module sub-recipient

Sub-Recipient Module

Offer close oversight on the performance and budget activities of grant sub-recipients, external lead recipients of fund distributions and grant vendors. Lead managers on an account are able to:

  • Collaborate on budget and performance plans.
  • Approve performance and budget items.
  • Request resubmission.
  • Add, review and log amendments.
  • Generate reports to track overall activity.
Workflow Module workflow

Workflow Module  

Automate workflows to standardize pre- and post-award grant processes, and gain efficiencies. Take full advantage of AmpliFund by adding an extra layer of software automation that:

  • Expedites the flow of information.
  • Triggers task and alert notifications to keep the process moving.
  • Captures activity at each stage for audit and reporting.

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