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Our solutions are inclusive of all of the features in the Gartner’s Market Definition for the Government Grants Management Domain.

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Opportunity Research          
Search multiple data sources for funding opportunities      
Narrow search by key parameters      
Save searches and opportunities      
View a history of the opportunity within the organization      
Review and approve opportunities to pursue      
Create a grant record from an opportunity      
Enroll an opportunity into a grant workflow      
Receive announcements for relevant opportunities      
Identify strategic program goals      
Build proposed program budget      
Store completed application and supporting documents      
Review and approve the grant application at various stages      
Manage portfolio of open funding opportunities      
Set reminders and alerts of key submission dates      
Store key communications, notes, contacts, and funder documents      
Submission Tracking          
Track submission status      
Report on grant solicitation success rates      
Fund Management          
Define fund details and security      
Add custom data collection forms and extend existing forms      
Define income sources and track committed funding and income      
Track awards, obligated funds, disbursed funds, and available balances      
Opportunity Creation          
Define grants program, goals, eligibility requirements, timeline       
Design and prepare grant application forms and validation and scoring rules       
Define internal review and scoring processes and workflows      
Define funding parameters      
Publish grant program to public portal      
Application Intake          
Provide web portal for applicants      
Enable collaboration between grantor and grantee during application process      
Capture applicant responses and attachments      
Validate grant applications      
Manage all recipient organizational and individual contact information      
Application Evaluation          
Enroll applications into appropriate review workflows      
Assign applications to internal and external reviewers      
Allow reviewers to access all assigned applications and all application materials      
Allow reviewers to score applications within defined scoring parameters      
Monitor reviewer activity and enforce review timelines      
Calculate application scores from all reviewers      
Support other interval review/approval processes      
Support applications changes due to grantor recommendation, recipient appeals, etc.      
Award Creation          
Create and define basic award information including recipient organization and awarded amount      
Notify recipients of award      
Provision recipient post-award reporting portal accounts       
Create award letters      
Finalize recipient post-award budget, program performance, and reporting requirements      
Store finalized contract and grant agreements      

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Award Management          
Negotiate contract and amend submission budget and performance plan      
Store final executed contracts and other key award documents      
Grants Administration          
Capture program, financial, and award details      
Configure grant security and settings      
Add custom fields using forms and form extensions      
Track time and effort for funded staff      
Certify staff time and effort reports      
Close grant periods and report against plan      
Generate and submit ongoing financial and performance reports to the funder      
Amend program goals, period of performance, budget, or award amount      
Access standard grant forms and tools, documents, and reporting templates      
Stay current with real-time grant news and webinars      
Review industry standard grants management publications      
Perform organization-specific business process at various stages of the grant lifecycle      
Performance Management          
Manage performance plan with key performance goals and strategies      
Assign performance goals and tasks to appropriate users      
Track program achievements against performance plan goals over the life of the grant      
Budget Management          
Manage post-award budget      
Assign budget responsibilities to appropriate users      
Manage direct costs, indirect cost rate, and matching funds      
Create and/or import expenses from internal financial system      
Interface with enterprise financial management and human resources systems      
Automatically route imported expenses to the correct grant and budget category      
Payment Management          
Generate payment requests for advances and reimbursements      
Document and validate receipt of payments      
Report on cash flow and current grant balances      
Track utilization of award funds, indirect costs, and matching funds      
Review payment requests      
Authorize payments to recipients      
Track payment information to recipients      
Monitor fund balances      
Initiate refunds      
Track receipt of refunds      
Report on fund and grant balances and cash flow      
Recipient Management          
Create sub-awards and assign to recipients      
Manage recipient contacts      
Assign budgets and performance plans to recipients      
Incorporate recipient budget into overall grant budget      
Monitor recipient performance and reports      
Review and approve recipient payment requests      
Record payments to recipients      
Define project details, duration, and associated grants      
Combine multiple grants to fund a single project      
Split a grant to fund multiple projects      
Configure project security and settings      
Collect additional data points using custom fields      
Monitor project budgets and expenses      
Monitor project goals and progress      
Grant Closeout          
Create final program and budget reports for funder      
Reconcile and account for all grant and matching funds      
Generate final payment requests or refunds      
Perform organization-specific closeout tasks and gather required approvals      
Identify grant as closed and store any final documentation      
Award Administration          
Review periodic reporting      
Monitor overall program performance      
Review amendment requests      
Communicate with recipients      
Capture custom program data      
Award Closeout          
Collect and review final reports      
Execute final payment/refund      
Reconcile funds      
Close out grant agreement      
Support additional closeout processes      


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