Award, distribute and oversee grants with ease 

Streamline federal grant management 

Strategically award, distribute and oversee grants with AmpliFund Federal. Built with federal departments and agencies in mind, AmpliFund Federal lets you monitor the entire grant lifecycle from pre-award request for proposal (RFP) and solicitation management to post-award recipient reporting.

Competitive bidding competitive-bidding

Simplify competitive bidding 

Better manage the competitive award process for funding initiatives. With AmpliFund Federal, easily define request for proposal (RFP) review and approval processes, and automate reviews, tasks and reminders with customizable workflow engines.

Standardize data collection via an easy-to-use form builder and online interface. Then, seamlessly evaluate and select award recipients using applicant scoring and competitive analysis capabilities.

In addition, you can also create an auditable trail of the entire grant ecosystem—from application and award to implementation and reporting.

Grant oversight grant-oversight

Boost grant management oversight  

AmpliFund Federal systemizes grant management across all levels of government, Funders can distribute and monitor awards to prime recipients, who then are able to manage spend and performance of both their organization and sub-recipients.

Assure recipient and sub-recipient goals, milestones and deliverables met. Work with sub-recipients to create budget and performance plans, then simplify overall grant management oversight with increased reporting flexibility. Receive automated activity reports to assure grantees are on track with performance and spending goals. If a recipient’s needs change, review contract amendments right from within the portal.

ERP & accounting integration integrate-erp-accounting

Integrate with ERP and accounting systems   

Manually referencing key grant information from multiple locations—for example enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial and accounting, and HR/payroll systems—can cause inefficiencies and lead to inaccurate reporting data.

That’s why AmpliFund Federal is built on an open platform that can easily be integrated with existing technologies in use at your agency via API and file imports. Don’t worry about manually entering data or cross-referencing again.