Enterprise government grant management 

Comply with federal grant management 

With the passing of new regulations, including the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Uniform Grant Guidance, comes the need for increased transparency and accountability into grant spend and performance.

Our 2015 State of Grant Management Report unveiled that 71% of organizations who receive federal funding expressed new regulations are creating more work for their organizations. And 81% of organizations whose primary revenue source is government grants agree that changes are increasing their workloads. With grant management software, these frustrations no longer have to be a setback.

Sophisticated tracking and reporting capabilities enable your organization to see exactly how funds enter and leave your state, county or municipality. With AmpliFund Public Sector, your organization can efficiently meet current and future budgeting and reporting requirements, and easily track money and performance for both grants received and funds distributed.

Rely on us to help you rise to the compliance challenge. Our CEO is one of nine board members on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) DATA Act pilot program board, helping to evaluate the effectiveness of DATA Act test models.

Maximize drawdown drawdown

Maximize drawdown through effective grant management 

Organizations miss revenue opportunities when they are not able to draw down funds in their allotted timeframes. Grant management software automates calendar and deadline reminders, centralizes fund and activity data, and monitors grant use so you receive the full award amount—every time. 

Fund management funds

Better manage funds  

Grant management software can help municipalities and states track and manage additional revenue streams, such as primary tax revenue. Integrate tax and grant revenue into a single project to effectively manage all funds in a centralized location. 

Increase your competitive bidding process by building and hosting online applications, and populating detailed funding opportunity data via our grants.gov integration. Enable structured review and approval processes using our customizable workflow engine, and evaluate award submissions with applicant scoring capabilities. Information submitted during the application process can be automatically transferred into your AmpliFund account for ongoing performance monitoring. 

Sub-recipient management sub-recipient

Improve sub-recipient management  

Ensure proper sub-recipient monitoring, reporting and auditing. With grant management software, collaborate with sub-recipients on budget and performance plans, assign financial and programmatic performance expectations, approve or deny contract amendments, and provide guidance on program management. This enhances sub-recipient visibility and provides back-up documentation (as required).

Robust reporting capabilities ensure post-award information is accurate, by consolidating sub-recipient data results and automating XML FFATA reports for upload. AmpliFund Public Sector can also assure sub-recipients complete reports in a timely matter by providing them access to grant management tools and resources. 

Project management project-management

Simplify project management 

With grant management software, easily manage projects requiring multiple grants or even tax revenue. Allow a single project to receive portions of different funds. As projects are completed, reporting automatically rolls up.

Likewise, one federal grant may fund multiple projects. All projects can have their own budgets, strategies and goals that can be related to one or multiple revenue sources. 

Time tracking time-tracking

Enhance basic time-tracking capabilities

AmpliFund Public Sector provides administrative and reporting options for robust time tracking with the Time & Effort Certification Module.

Easily record and map tracked time to appropriate grants—even if time is split across multiple grant-funded projects.

Software integrations software

Integrate with existing software

AmpliFund Public Sector is built using an open API. Seamlessly connect it to your existing ERP database, financial system, human resource technology and more to further promote data sharing and organization-wide transparency.