AmpliFund 4.0We are excited to announce the launch of AmpliFund 4.0! This completely revamped grant management platform gives grant managers far greater control over the grant lifecycle, streamlines processes and ensures compliance. All of this results in more revenue generation for your organization. Read on for details.

Increased Flexibility and Control

No two organizations are the same. This is why AmpliFund 4.0 was designed with far greater flexibility in mind. Easily adapt the platform to meet unique management and reporting needs. Everything from project and fund mapping to reports generated can be tweaked to make sure you have the information you need, when you need it.

  • Track budgets and performance at the fund, fund distribution, grant and project levels. No matter how you need to see financials and success, you’re covered.
  • Enjoy added flexibility in how you can map projects to grants. Previously, you could link multiple grants to one project. Now, you can also segment one large grant into smaller projects, giving you even more powerful tracking capabilities.
  • Track cash receipts from multiple fund sources into one fund, then distribute via one or more grants. Funders can now easily track money coming in and out of the fund—across multiple fund sources and award recipients.

Streamlined Processes

AmpliFund 4.0 helps grant managers get more done in less time. With fewer resources spent on administrative tasks, staff can dedicate more effort into achieving grant goals and obtaining additional grant funding.

  • Foster organization-wide system adoption thanks to a new, intuitive user interface and step-by-step guides.
  • Keep track of multiple grants, grant goals and budget items all in one location, eliminating the need to keep multiple Excel spreadsheet versions updated.
  • Grant access to sub-recipients and vendors to minimize manual data collection.
  • Hold internal and external parties responsible for tasks assigned to them through built-in calendars and automated reminders.
  • Apply powerful list filters to view only the data most pertinent to you at that moment, and then save them for easy access later.

Compliance Assurance

StreamLink Software was one of only a few vendors to work closely with the Recovery Board on the Grants Reporting Information Project (GRIP), which is a large part of the DATA (Digital Accountability and Transparency) Act. This has afforded us valuable insight into planned regulations, which we’ve used to help guide the creation of AmpliFund 4.0. This translates to better compliance for your organization both now and in the future.

  • Gain valuable oversight on the performance and budget activities of consortia grants. Lead recipients can easily assign responsibilities and track performance of sub-recipients to ensure grant parameters are met.
  • Avoid the headaches associated with producing after-the-fact documentation of time and effort put in by staff, especially those working across multiple grants.
  • Easily generate downloadable reports of financial and performance data to share with funders and auditors. Information can be sliced and diced in an unlimited amount of ways to meet your exact reporting requirements. 

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