4 Steps To Gain Executive Buy-In for Grant Management Software

Executive Buy-InYou understand your organization’s flaws, shortcomings and forgone opportunities when it comes to grant management.

You even now understand how technology can help your organization increase capacity, efficiency and effectiveness.

The last piece of the puzzle is to convince your executives of the value in grant management technology. This post outlines four steps toward gaining executive buy-in.

1. Assess Your Organization’s Grant Management Needs

Before speaking with your executive, be able to identify where your organization is falling short with grant management and where it is excelling.

Use the Grant Management Software Evaluation guide to help you map current processes, define your future state, and plan your implementation timeline and budget.

This planning will allow for more knowledgeable conversations about the software features you need/want, and give you a high-level snapshot of your organization’s unique situation. The resource will also help prepare you to answer potential questions from your executive, such as:

  • How will current processes be affected and improved upon?
  • Which vendor do you recommend and why?
  • How long will the solution take to implement?
  • How much will it cost? What is the payback?

2. Always Be Concise, Quantified and Fact Driven

Most executives are fact-driven individuals. They do not act on whims or gut suggestions. To prove the value of grant management software, show them factual information and quantified research, and present it in a clear and concise manner.

When discussing why grant management software is a good fit for your organization, there are numerous studies you could call upon.

The “Grant Administration: What Is It Costing Your Organization? Report Overview” is a great resource to pull information in order to show the cost of inefficient grant management. The report outlines where an average grant management officer’s time is distributed, and how that time can be cut and reallocated toward revenue-generating tasks with the implementation of grant management software.

"The Complex State of Grant Management: Adopting New Strategies for Success" can also help aid a high-level overview of where similar sized organizations are and how they are making strides to implement the same technologies.

Pair these studies with insight into your own current processes to better forecast the amount of time and money that could be saved with technology implementation.

3. Provide a 360-Degree View

Be sure to provide an all-encompassing view of how this solution will touch upon various elements of the organization. Since some grant management software has the ability to pull from multiple systems such as HR, finance and donor databases through APIs, the right solution could help increase efficiencies across the organization. 

4. Understand Industry Trends

Executives are very interested in future-proofing their organizations. Grant management technology can help them do just that.

With compliance changes expected to come down the pike as a result of the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act), nonprofits will be forced to become more transparent in how federal funding is used. With grant management software, your organization gains greater reporting capabilities. This gives you the tools and insight your organization needs to stay compliant into the future.

A Winning Solution

Wrap up your discussion by acknowledging the cost of the solution but antedating with the payback: increased time for revenue-generating tasks, improved efficiencies, and consolidation of important data hubs and communications.

Grant management solutions are a necessary investment for the future of your organization. Presented correctly, executives will see the true value in a system that increases revenue, generates capacity and ensures compliance.

Download our grant management purchasing guide to start planning your C-suite conversations.

Evaluation Guide

What have you done to sway your executives toward a grant management software solution? Share your strategies below.

Image Source: Garfield Anderson via FlickR