How to Sell Grant Management Software to the C-Suite

C-suite Grant ManagementThough grant managers and staff will be the ones who ultimately use a grant management technology solution, the final purchasing decision often lies in the hands of the C-Suite—whether it is the CEO, CIO, CTO or other.

Pitch grant management technology to your c-suite with confidence by following the below tips:

Know Your Audience

The features and value that appeal to you as a grant manager may not translate to your c-suite audience as a driving force to purchase the solution.

Each CXO views the company and its decisions from a different standpoint. The CEO ultimately cares about overall success and organizational impact, the CFO costs and financial savings, and the CIO technology implementation and maintenance. 

Discern whether your CXOs are very technical or more high-level strategic thinkers, and then tailor your proposal with them in mind.

Be Mindful of their Time 

C-suite executives have busy schedules so when you obtain an audience with one, ensure that you do not waste his or her time.

  • Have a pre-defined agenda that you’ve shared ahead of time.
  • Only block off as much time on the calendar as truly needed.
  • Don’t speak in jargon or beat around the bush. Be direct and specific.
  • Don’t speak at them, speak with them. The conversation will move along quicker and more fluidly when approaching it as dialogue rather than a presentation.

The technology solution you are pitching will help streamline processes, gain organizational efficiencies and save money through enhanced compliance and improved operations. Communicate this in an easy-to-digest, straightforward manner.

Speak to the Why Not the How

Many in the c-suite evaluate requests based on their holistic organizational impact. Because of this, don’t get caught up in the nitty-gritty elements of your argument.

Avoid overloading your c-suite audience with lengthy facts and figures. Instead, have a few key statistics handy that directly speak to the bottom line. To do so, consider highlighting that grant management software:

As you formulate your pitch, ask yourself if you are making a case that speaks to the bigger picture of the organization.

CXOs don’t have the time or budget to say “yes” to every idea and solution that comes across their desks. Show that grant management technology can be an asset to not just your department, but the organization as a whole.

How will you make the case to your CXO?

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Image Source: Tax Credits via Flickr