Align Grant Research and Management for Maximum Impact

Grant ResearchWhen workflows and tasks are siloed, it can be nearly impossible to promote a grant management system from beginning to completion.

Organizations can increase efficiencies, as well as save time and money, by better connecting grant research with management. Here are three tips for maximum impact.

1. Align Awards with Organizational Goals

When executing pre-award activities, such as grant research and proposals, it is important to understand the future impact of your actions. If won, how will these awards fit into the organization’s greater plan?

To start, meet with internal goal setters—whether board members or upper management. Discuss what types of grants will most benefit the organization based on desired performance results and overall vision. Then, focus grant research efforts there.

Think big picture. Strengthen award applications by including detailed information on target audiences, budgets, goals and performance measurement plans.

2. Use Targeted Grant Submissions

Targeted searches of available grants will yield greater pre-award efficiency and success. Leverage grant research technology to easily search opportunities by category, eligibility requirements, deadline, funder types, terms and/or geographies.

For example, imagine your nonprofit is looking for federal grants in the energy sector with a deadline after March 2015. Grant research tools will quickly scan multiple databases, evaluate grants based on your pre-set criteria and then aggregate matches for you.

Using research technology to narrow results like this reduces administrative time. No longer do you need to manually scour multiple federal, state, foundation and corporate grants to find those that are most applicable to your nonprofit. The software does it for you.

Some research tools even allow you save your search parameters, notifying you of new matches to criteria ongoing. 

3. Plan for Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring should be an ongoing activity within your grant management office, and the most successful teams leverage technology to simplify.

For the best results from the start, utilize a grant research tool that allows you to export grant details into your management platform, such as the grant name, funding organization and individual contact data. With two compatible tools, you won’t need to retype grant research data. Instead, needed information will transfer with ease, so that you can focus your time on what really matters—grant execution.

StreamLink Software’s recent partnership with EfficentGov brings AmpliFund users the ability to connect research and management with seamless integration.

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