The Complex State of Grant Management: Adopting New Strategies for Success

"The Complex State of Grant Management: Adopting New Strategies for Success" StreamLink Software and Grant Professionals Association (GPA) co-authored a survey about grant management, and invited grant professionals from nonprofit and public sector organizations to respond. The survey results uncovered specific areas of concern that can greatly impact the effectiveness of the grant management process. These factors, coupled with the recession are forcing grant seekers to create new strategies. The sluggish economy has resulted in fewer funding opportunities for nonprofit and public sector organizations, which translates to more competition for those dollars. Industry trends presented in this paper will frame the severity of the situation, and highlight the need for grant seekers to adopt new approaches in order to remain viable and competitive. 

Executive Summary 

Data from a recent survey indicates that grant professionals from various roles within the nonprofit and public sector are being challenged by a number of issues including changing grantor requirements, communication inefficiencies and increased complexity in almost every area along the grant lifecycle. In addition, the data reveals that few organizations are doing anything substantive to confront these issues and better manage their grant funding.



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